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This is a combination of several products. They are all made of plastic, NON-FERROMAGNETIC.

The clip is designed with a flip top structure. There is no spring inside. We already delivered millions of this kind of clips. Now we built an automatic line to make the clips.
This item was developed about 15 years ago. The customer wants to develop a portable lip balm. The lip balm shall be retractable. We are the specialist in retracting reel fields for many years. They found us through some channels.
​​​​​​​This pacifier save belt was developed by the requirement of a European customer.
The clip is made of BPA & BPS-free materials.
There is a plastic sliding lock allows one handed attachment and detachment of clip from clothing – safer than sharp metal pacifier clips.
The removable silicon ring is designed to fit any pacifier. Regardless of type of binky, clip will fit with ring or with ribbon.
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